Lessons & Pricing

Private Lessons

Self Tape (Includes Coaching + Editing)

1 Session 60 min


$75.00 + 5% GST


1 Session 
60 min


 $65.00 + 5% GST

Custom Curriculum Package

4 Sessions - 60 min


 $240 + 5% GST

Custom Curriculum
Intensive Package

8 Sessions - 60 min


$440 + 5% GST

Parent Coaching

1 Session -
60 min


 $60.00 + 5% GST


Did your agent call you last minute? Need a quick coaching session for an audition?! Want to feel confident walking into that  audition?

Book a coaching one-on-one lesson with Stephanie, she will help you to develop your character, clean up your camera technique and build confidence to win the room! Memorize your lines and practise them with Stephanie! Great for learning how to master auditions quick and easy with Script Analysis, Scene Study, and amazing Audition Technique. Bring your own Sides to workshop.

 Coaching: $65.00/hr + 5% GST


Custom Curriculum Package

Building Independent Artists. Stephanie will get to know your strengths and where you want to grow in order to develop a curriculum just for you! Choose from a variety of topics such as Audition and Scene Study, Acting Technique, Feature Length Script Study, Written Assignments, Video Submissions and Custom Career Coaching.

 Custom Curriculum Package

4 Lessons - 60min - $240.00 + 5% GST


Custom Curriculum
Intensive Package

Building Independent Artists. Stephanie will get to know you to develop an intensive custom curriculum! Each program is developed to meet the needs and career goals of each actor. With a background in musical theatre, film production and casting Stephanie focuses on developing programs to nurture well-rounded artists that aspire to work in the film and television industry. We will build on more advances skills over time as we choose from a variety of topics to grow to your full potential. Topics to choose from include Audition Technique and Scene Study, Acting Technique, Feature Length Script Study, Written Assignments, Video Submissions and Custom Career Coaching. Get an in-depth look at your marketing tools, headshots, resumes, casting profiles and demo reels. Choose from Musical Theatre, Classical Theatre, Stage Presence or Filmmaking. This is a great option for serious working actors who want to build strong acting techniques or students who are looking for an extracurricular arts program. You build what you want to learn!

Custom Curriculum Intensive Package

8 Lessons - 60min - $440.00 + 5% GST


Self Tapes

Self-tapes are a great way to get in front of casting when the audition room is overbooked in LA or Toronto. Come down to the studio where you will receive a coaching and taping session with a 4K camera, LED lighting set up, professional sound recording and clean editing. Stephanie will have you looking your best!

Each self tape coached and then recorded, edited and sent to your agent.

Self Tape - 60min - $75.00 + 5% GST


Parent Coaching

So your child is determined to become an actor and you have no idea where to start?

Have they been acting in all the school plays and are ready to start their career? Or they have started auditioning and still waiting for their next big break?
Perhaps they show an interest behind the camera as well as in front of it and you don’t know how to encourage their talents?

Do you want to know your child’s legal working rights on a film set and don’t know where to go? Are you happy with your relationship with your agent? Have they just booked their first feature and it’s time for a publicist?

The film industry can be overwhelming for parents to try to navigate, and it takes a village to help an actor reach their full potential. Stephanie is happy to sit down with parents over coffee or via Skype and go through the next stages of their careers.

Parent Coaching: $65/hr + 5% GST




Group Acting Classes -  COMING SOON!

Have fun and learn with your friends! From where to stand on your mark, eyelines, how to memorize sides, performing in front of an audience, basic script analysis and how to make self tapes, this class is for you! Learn the basics of acting for Film and TV and how to prepare for your next audition! You can join the group at anytime! 


Group Filmmaking Classes - COMING SOON!

Learn the basics of filmmaking! Explore different roles on set, story development, storyboarding, script writing, shot lists, cinematography, directing and film editing to work together to create a short film!


Classical Theatre Acting - COMING SOON!

Learn the craft of stage acting! From the importance of vocal exercises, alexander technique, stage presence, stage fighting and much more from London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) Graduate instructor Jonathon Mason!  


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Name of Actor, Name of Parent and Lesson or Class .
"We feel very fortunate that our daughter has had the opportunity to train with Stephanie Halber. She fosters an inviting, fun, and creative atmosphere in both her private coaching and acting classes. In under a year Stephanie helped Lia to progress from finding an agent, to preparing for auditions, to booking her first part on The Flash. Stephanie is a wonderful resource of suggestions and techniques to address any challenges that arise. Most importantly, Lia always looks forward to their sessions together. Thank you Stephanie!"​
Fia Frankland
(Lia's Mother)